Can you spot the sneaky names for sugar?


Barley Malt

Carob Syrup

Ethyl Maltol


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It's not the brownies, ice cream, or sweet treats you love. Your belly fat is a direct result of the 130 pounds of sugar hidden in the "healthy" foods you choose every day. Even if it doesn't say "sugar" on the label, sugar has dozens of different names—like dextrose, maltose, or even sorghum—so you have no idea that you're eating it. Your brain may be fooled, but your belly recognizes sugar!

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The average American swallows a whopping 22 teaspoons a day of added sugars! New science shows that this overload of sugar can make organs fat, prime your body for diabetes, stress your heart, and boost unhealthy cholesterol levels, and even damage the proteins in your skin that keep it healthy, firm, and wrinkle-free.
In a study published in a major medical journal, researchers looked at brain scans after test subjects consumed a simple sugar called fructose.

Fructose boosted
blood flow to the
areas of the brain
that stimulate your

This means the more added sugar you eat, the bigger your appetite and cravings. And foods are packed with hidden sugars just like fructose so you eat more of them. Click here to learn more.
Look at how that hidden sugar adds up frighteningly fast and adds extra belly fat with every bite but equally delicious swaps will save you from belly bulge!

The Deluxe Edition of The Sugar Smart Diet, with exclusive bonus content, sheds light on the brand names that have hidden sugar and those that don't so you can make smarter choices and easily eliminate 20, 40, even 100 pounds of hidden, added sugar every year. Smart Grocery Swaps will quickly guide you past the sugar bombs.

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Lisa confessed: "I tended to wear loose-fitting clothes because of my belly and muffin top." She shyly stayed covered up when she went to the beach.

NO MORE BELLY AND MUFFIN TOP FOR LISA! Once Lisa discovered the "healthy" foods that were secretly sabotaging her body in The Sugar Smart Diet, she reset her taste buds and watched inches melt off her waistline. She says proudly, "Now, I [don't] even hesitate to slip into my bathing suit. I'm looking forward to going shopping. I want more form-fitting, sexy outfits. This plan gave me the body and the confidence to pull them off!"

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Think all you have to do is read the labels to sidestep extra sugar, right? Wrong! Sugar has dozens of different names, so you have no idea you're eating it. But your belly can recognize sugar a million miles away, and with each "healthy" bite of these hidden sugars, your belly grows bigger. On page 19 in your free-preview copy of The Sugar Smart Diet, you'll find a list of 40 names used to hide sugar in "healthy" products you are eating so you can avoid the secret sugars and lose weight!
What it's in: beer, sodas, candies, processed foods
Barley Malt
What it's in: malt beers, cereals, candy bars
Carob Syrup
What it's in: cakes, cookies, and used as a substitute for chocolate
Ethyl Maltol
What it's in: breads, cakes, confectionary goods
What it's in: baked goods, sodas, wine, vinegars
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Hidden sugar is not in the brownies, ice cream, or sweet treats you love. It's lurking in the foods you thought were helping you lose weight.

The Sugar Smart Diet is a simple, cutting-edge program that will help reverse the fat-making, harmful effects of all that hidden sugar that is packing the pounds and inches on your belly. It is not about cutting out all sugar—just the extra sugar your body doesn't need and you don't even know that you're consuming. Try this breakthrough new plan FREE and you can discover how to:
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• Your magic sleep number — that's the number of hours you need to sleep to lose weight. (Shortchange your snooze time and you'll gain weight!)

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One of the very best ways to help guarantee success in any weight loss program is to keep a daily journal of the foods you are eating.

In fact, a study published in an esteemed medical journal revealed that men and women who recorded their food intake lost TWICE as much weight as those who didn't keep track.

That's why The Sugar Smart Diet Success Tracker is the ultimate companion to The Sugar Smart Diet. This handy journal was designed specifically for this program and takes the guesswork out of keeping track of your food and sugar intake each day. At most it will take 60 seconds after each meal ... and it can boost your success rate automatically.
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You'll get over 100 quick and easy recipes to choose from for delicious, hearty, and healthy meals that are easy to make. Your whole family will love it and you can still satisfy your sweet tooth any time of day!

For breakfast, you might choose Sausage-Potato Hash and Eggs, Banana-Cream Pie Overnight Oats, or how about a hefty serving of Orange–Vanilla Cream French Toast? That's not dieting. That's LIVING.

Then, when lunch rolls around, indulge with a giant bowl of Fast, Hearty Turkey Chili topped with scallions. Or delicious Creamy Ricotta, Basil, and Tomato Penne.

Dinnertime is fabulous, too! How about some Teriyaki Beef with Broccoli? A plateful of Panko-Crusted Chicken Tenders with Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce? Fish Tacos with Mango-Lime Salsa in Crispy Corn Tortillas: It's a healthy feast for the whole family make sure you have extra!

Dine Out Deliciously!

You can enjoy a meal at your favorite chain restaurant or a quick bite on the go— and still lose weight! Turn to page 287 for a list of the best choices and meals to avoid at 25 of your favorite eateries.

Think you're having a healthy salad? This salad at a popular restaurant chain contains 67 grams of SUGAR! Would you put almost 17 teaspoons of sugar on your SALAD! Never! Instead, order the Grilled Chicken Salad with just 9 grams of sugar (even less if you hold the dressing) and save 270 calories. See page 289.

Need to grab a quick breakfast at the coffee shop? Should you choose the blueberry muffin or the sugared chocolate doughnut? Both choices have the exact same amount of fiber, but one item has 260 more calories and 40 MORE grams of sugar! Which would you pick? Turn to page 291 for the answer.

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